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Realtime Spy is the latest in high-tech surveillance and spy software that allows you to remotely install the monitoring system and access the activity logs from anywhere at any time via your own personal Realtime Spy Webspace! No remembering long IP addresses or directly connecting to the remote PC - all you have to do is point your browser to your personal webspace address to view logs from any machines you deploy Realtime Spy on!

Realtime Spy requires no physical installation, and is the first product to allow you to truly view activity logs from any location at any time!

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Legal Info

Realtime Spy is a very powerful piece of monitoring software that can be intentionally abused by the wrong people, or accidentally misused by unknowing users. Therefore, a certain level of responsibility is put upon the user. We feel it is necessary to list Realtime Spy's legal requirements for you to understand. You must agree with each of these requirements to use Realtime Spy

1. Before choosing Realtime Spy you must first acknowledge and agree to the fact that you are the owner of the remote PC you wish to install the software on. It is a federal and state offense to install monitoring/surveillance software on a PC of which you do not own.

2. If you are NOT the owner of the computer you want to monitor you must have the expressed consent of the owner of that computer to install Realtime Spy on it.

3. If you install Realtime Spy onto a computer you do not own, or do not have permission to install it on, we will cooperate with federal, state, and local officials to the fullest extent possible to ensure you are properly punished. This includes turning over customer information, account data, and any other purchase/product related information.

4. By purchasing Realtime Spy you are agreeing to all the conditions in our EULA (End-User License Agreement) found below. This includes the fact that we are not liable for any damage, litigation, or legal predicaments that may arise due to a user abusing Realtime Spy, or any of our products.

5. If the remote user does not download the Realtime Spy module and run it, then the software will not work - you will have to physically install the software. We are not responsible for getting the user to execute the logging module that you send them, nor will refunds be granted if they refuse to run it - as you can still physically install the software.

Listed below are the legal issues concerning our software and other site content, as well as business related issues.


All our products are distributed and licensed on an "as is" basis and no warranties or guarantees of any kind are promised by Spytech Software and Design, Inc. as to their performance, reliability or suitability to any given task. In no event shall Spytech be liable for any loss of data or ANY DAMAGES OF ANY KIND, financial, physical, emotional or other, which might arise from its use.
Realtime Spy is developed for commercial and legitimate monitoring of remote PC's owned by the purchaser of the software. However, Spytech cannot be held responsible for any damages that may arise from malicious use of Realtime Spy If you intend on monitoring a PC you do not own, you should not purchase Realtime Spy Spytech will aid law enforcement in prosecution of users abusing Realtime Spy


Our products may NOT be sold or distributed in any way without prior written consent from Spytech.


All sales of our products are final. No refunds will be issued, guaranteed or promised. Once we issue a registered copy there is no way for us to recall, or rescind a registered program that has already been issued to a customer. Essentially, once the program has been issued there is no way for us to guarantee that a customer has not, or is not continuing to use the product.


It is company policy that our customer databases remain confidential and private. We have not, will not, and won't ever sell names to "spammers" or other parties who would like to use our databases to advertise or solicit their products or services. Spytech products do not collect any information from your system other than the information required for the products successful operation. Your private information is safe with us.


It is the policy of Spytech to offer free E-mail based technical support to all of our registered and unregistered customers. We will filter support requests for all non-freeware products of Spytech from unregistered users.


Spytech will take legal action against any users that are found to be pirating Spytech products. In addition, Spytech will report any users found pirating other products to the products developer or care-keeper.


By using any Spytech product you agree not to decompile, reverse engineer, modify or change any part of it for the reasons of discovering its internal methods or works. To do so is a violation of Spytech's copyright protection.


All graphics, software, code samples, and other digital information contained on this web site, as well as software distributed over the Internet are copyright protected and owned by Spytech Software and Design. Should you wish to use any site content, be it text information, code samples, or what have you, please contact us for permission.


By installing, running, or using any Spytech product or service you agree to the above Policies. In addition you agree that you will follow the Spytech Policies at all times when using a Spytech product or service.

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