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Realtime Spy is the latest in high-tech surveillance and spy software that allows you to remotely install the monitoring system and access the activity logs from anywhere at any time via your own personal Realtime Spy Webspace! No remembering long IP addresses or directly connecting to the remote PC - all you have to do is point your browser to your personal webspace address to view logs from any machines you deploy Realtime Spy on!

Realtime Spy requires no physical installation, and is the first product to allow you to truly view activity logs from any location at any time!

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RTS is has been tested on, and is fully compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/VISTA. It is recommended you have all the latest service packs and security updates installed, however.

"Nothing" is happening because RTS operates in TOTAL STEALTH. Without any visual queues, RTS has already installed itself and is monitoring all activities. You will only receive a notification that the software installed if you chose to enable the 'alert user on startup' option while configuring Realtime-Spy.

You will need to distribute the Realtime-Spy module you created while running the RTSConfig.exe application. This file you created is the file you will send and run on other PC's. For detailed e-mail and network deployment steps please refer to your product documentation that was installed with Realtime-Spy.

Unlike other monitoring packages, Realtime-Spy is VERY small in size (93KB) and will take only a few seconds via email(even on dialup) and only an instant over cable/network connections to download.

No - unless you chose the "alert user" option - users will not know any software is being installed when they execute the Realtime-Spy module you created.

To view your activity logs for Realtime-Spy simply point your browser to - where your username is replaced by the username you received after purchasing. You will be prompted for your username and password - enter these as given to you when you purchased RTS.

Absolutely not! Every user has their own unique username and password that only THEY know. You must specify your username and password to login and view activity logs for your Realtime-Spy software.

Yes, you can use the included Realtime-Spy archive utility to download logs from your webspace for future viewing and saving.

Absolutely. Unlike other remote monitoring products, Realtime-Spy does not care if the monitored PC is behind a firewall or router, or if the PC is on a network, cable, or dialup connection. You will be able to ALWAYS access your logs via your webspace. No need for IP addresses, port numbers, or directly connecting to the remote PC!

Nothing is wrong - this just means you have not deployed Realtime-Spy on a remote PC to monitor. Once you start monitoring a PC your logs and web interface will appear in your webspace! Please wait 15-20minutes from when the file is first executed for the first sets of logs to appear.

Simply use the form HERE to change your password. This password change will effect remotely deployed Realtime-Spy modules - if you change your password they will not longer update your webspace with logs until you reconfigure their passwords.

Simply use the form HERE to remove an unneeded logged user from your Realtime-Spy webspace.

Yes, just copy the Realtime-Spy file you configured to a floppy. Then copy it from the floppy to the PC you want to install it on - then run the file.

Make sure you are entering the username/password EXACTLY as given to you (the password and username are case sensitive). If this still does not work make sure you have no firewall blocking outgoing FTP traffic on port 21.

First you should ensure that the software is still running on the remote PC. If it is not, then re-run the logging module you created to restart monitoring. It is advised you first run the stop-rts.exe file on the remote PC (this file is in your :\program files\realtime-spy folder) - once you run this, wait a minute or so - then re-execute the logging module you created on the remote PC - this will restart the monitoring.

To use the admin commands you must be on the same network as the remote PC (if it is indeed on a network) - otherwise they will not work. Also make sure the remote PC is online at the time, since the admin commands use a direct connection to the remote PC.

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